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Our Services

Our services are tailored towards improving overall access to information for users no matter the location. Our products and services are available to various categories of users which includes:

  • Academic Libraries
  • Corporate and special Libraries
  • Public Libraries

Physical Electronic Library Development and Maintenance
Development, management and maintenance  of  a  world class electronic library facility, its electronic and mechanical equipment as well as information technology {IT} infrastructures in a relaxing environment.
•Provide a more conducive study environment through space renovation
•Electronic and mechanical equipment
•Provision of adequate lighting, furniture, and alternative power generation.
•Provide IT infrastructure
•Support and Management of building
•Project overall management.

Portal Development
The digitized materials are made accessible through the portal development by Netlibrary Nigeria limited and hosted via the institutions website.Search engines are also developed and incorporated into databases for navigation to enhance reciprocal access to collections by researchers.

NetLibrary customizes and develop an e-library collection of information resources locally generated and creates a global access. This involves the conversion of locally held books, thesis, and seminar papers into searchable electronic format and making them accessible to researchers in an electronic format.

Inter-lending Support
This is to support libraries in offering a well managed resources sharing through interlibrary loan process between borrowing institution.Netlibrary facilitates this facility between local institutions and other institutions overseas.

Cataloguing Support
Provides cataloguing support in a web environment to assist libraries in managing the comprehensive bibliographic resources effectively through access to the WorldCat, the world’s largest bibliographic records, with over  57,968,788 unique bibliographic records with 53,548 participating libraries worldwide using and contributing to the WorldCat, with records being added every ten seconds.

NetLibrary provides technical and general training for librarians to improve their  I.T and management skill. We also provide training to library and technical staff on management and maintenance of an electronic library to build capacity. Users are also trained on basic electronic library usage. NetLibrary works with an organization to develop a customized training schedule after conducting a needs assessment survey.

Access to Electronic Journal
Our service allows access to full-text electronic journals from world class database granting unlimited access after subscription to give flexibility to subsets of collections. All subject fields are covered cutting across;Enables you find the latest, up-to-date research information relating to the topic chosen.Profiled information can be forwarded to users, should they not have the means to search for their own information.

Library Automation
NetLibrary provides access and updates to various library automation soft wares {e.g. KOHA} to aid the library management system

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